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CodePancake is a platform for anyone interested in learning how to code: it doesn’t matter if you never coded before, if you’re a beginner or if you’re just curious about software development.  Next to coding, CodePancake is also an online magazine for and about women in tech, a place to find interesting jobs and to share experiences.

We’re a fastly growing site with thousands of visitors per day, with a clear target audience and only original content. Using our platform, we inform and educate our visitors and provide them with up the date skills to stay or become a better software developer, and to raise awareness about women in Tech.

If you think your site or product would prove beneficial to our audience, then let’s get into contact. Some of the possibilities we are offer are stated below:


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  • Sponsored blog post
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  • Product placement
  • Sponsoring on social media

If you’re interested in sponsoring or promotions, then please contact us via We look forward to hearing from you!