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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): I receive a lot of questions on how to get started, women in tech and coding. I decided to add them here, in case you have similar questions.

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5 resources to learn Drupal

A while ago, a friend told me that, although I have a lot of resources on CodePancake, I don’t have anything on Drupal. And that’s true. So it’s time to change that :) What is Drupal? Drupal is content management software. It’s used to make many of the websites and

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5 resources to build your own Android app

It’s about time for another ‘list of 5’. The last couple of weeks, I’m receiving a lot of requests if I want to write more about Mobile App Development. Although this is a great idea, I’m not very familiar with building mobile apps, I only participated in one course :)

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Getting started: the best way to learn JavaScript

A couple months ago I received the following question from this website: What is in your opinion the best way to learn JavaScript? I think it might be a good idea to share my answer with you. I think it depends if you’re new to coding or if you’re an

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10 ways to stay focused

“I really want to learn more and I love coding, but I’m having trouble concentrating.  Do you have any advice?”.    I’m receiving a lot of questions like the one above and there’s one thing I should mention: yes, I know how you feel! Don’t worry, it’s normal. I know there are

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