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Vedrana is building an app for Hashimoto’s

This week, I’m doing things a little differently. I decided to highlight a wonderful project from Vedrana. If you followed along, you already know her from Spotlight ep 62!  This week, she wrote a beautiful piece about Hashimoto’s and the app she’s building. Thank you Vedrana! Published Nov 25th. Written by:

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Kickstarter: Kazoo Magazine is tackling gender stereotypes

Two weeks ago, a great Kickstarter campaign was launched: Kazoo magazine. “A new kind of print magazine for girls—one that inspires them to be smart, strong, fierce, and, above all, true to themselves.” Initiator Erin told Huffington Post that she got inspired when her daughter told her that ‘space is

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Female Tech Authors You Should Know (Part 4)

Time for part 4 of my Female Tech Authors list!  A while back I asked my followers on twitter if they knew some great female tech authors. Someone answered my question with “Are there any?”.  And that was exactly my point.  So, with some help, I made a list of

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The most popular posts of February

February went by so fast! Over here in Amsterdam, Spring is coming. And I’m looking forward to it, I think it’s the best time of the year. It’s definitely my favourite season.  This morning, I went for a run in a park nearby and it made me happy.  A bright blue sky,

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Female Tech Authors you should know (part 3)

It’s been a while since my last post about my list of female tech authors, it’s time for part 3! Because it’s a long time ago since part 2, here’s a  small reminder why I started these series: A while back I asked my followers on twitter if they knew

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The Poetry of Programming

Linda Liukas, one of our Spotlight Stars, believes that a movement in technology is already happening and that we need to engage everyone — especially the next generation — to take part. She wants to create a more diverse and colourful world of technology, starting with the poetry of code.

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CodeGirl: inspiring story about young women in tech

You’ve probably already heard about this inspiring documentary to get more girls into code, CodeGirl. The movie is directed by Lesley Chilcott, an award-winning filmmaker, documentarian (“An Inconvenient Truth”) and producer. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube writes about the movie: See CodeGirl for free, exclusively on YouTube, November 1-5, brought

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Slides JSConfEU 2015. Unconscious Bias: We’re all guilty

Here you can find the slides from my talk at JSConfEU! On speakerdeck you can find more talks. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! Link to the test (it’s also hidden in the slides ;)) : If you want to learn more about VHTO, please go

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Discussing The Internet of Things with PyLadies Amsterdam

Last Tuesday  (July 21) it was time for our 12th meetup! It was hosted by Optimizely (thank you) and the theme was ‘Internet of Things’. About us PyLadies Amsterdam is a group for Python female programmers at any level of experience from the Amsterdam Area. PyLadies is an international mentorship

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Vrouwen & ICT (Talk @ D66 Hackathon)

Vrouwen & ICT. These are my slides from my side session on Women & IT during the D66 Hackathon (4 april 2015). Slides are in Dutch.  

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