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Spotlight 79: self-taught software developer Chantal!

It’s Spotlight Friday! And we’re going back to my country this time. I’m so happy to connect with more Dutch female developers! Please let me introduce you to Chantal! Chantal taught herself how to code when she was 17 and she’s working as a software developer now. Curious what got

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Spotlight number 78: software engineer Franziska

It’s been a while! I skipped a couple of weeks due to a lot of personal things and I finally got the time to publish spotlight number 78! This week we’re going to meet Franziska, engineer at Google. Franziska is working on Chrome V8 and she is a Node.js contributor.

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Spotlight 77: Meet Alexandra Leisse!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m currently working from Vermont and it’s really beautiful!  So…I’ll never do this, but I feel like sharing a picture :-) I love autmn!  Anyway, time for Spotlight number 77! This week we’re going to meet Alexandra. Alexandra is head of User Experience and Design and she

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Spotlight 62: let’s meet molecular biologist Vedrana!

It’s spotlight Friday! This week will be less focused on programming: we’re diving into biology, science and tech! I’m very excited to introduce you to Vedrana, she is Director of Scientific Research at Clue and she’s doing some amazing & inspiring research on health, cancer and early disease detection. And, although I

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